PIERS (Promoter of International Education & Services) with An idea that launched a million beginnings PIERS was founded in the year 2018. Today, PIERS is leading in the quest to educate young children with wholesome learning.

We are a constant facilitator in the scientific and technical education of students by providing them classroom education, workshops through a wide variety of STEAM / AI /ML/IOT /Software based robot programming tools and web-based learning resources.

Along-with Counselling Services for aspiring students in the field of MEDICAL/ ENGINEERING/UG & PG Courses across the world. Today students are crowded with a wide number of colleges for placing their career in the right direction, but more choices often lead to confusion and wrong decisions. We are here to remove such confusions and guide students for the best colleges in India/Abroad within their stipulated terms and abilities


Why choose PIERS EDU

Realizing educational equity and excellence will take a broad and diverse coalition of people united around a common purpose and shared values. The change effort must be shaped by those of us who are most directly impacted by educational inequity. And progress is only possible if each of us works effectively across lines of difference—with students, parents, partners, and each other—and if each of us understands and leverages the assets we bring to this work based on our identities and life experiences.

In all we do, we act on the following beliefs: Diversity is crucial for successful change efforts and is one of greatest strengths. The full potential of our diverse network will be reached only when we are an inclusive community. The predictability of success or failure for our students or individuals in our organization should not correlate with any social, cultural or other identity-based factors.

Here's the truth

You don't have a fixed place int he world. No Single place can define you


At PIERS, we understand our responsibility in shaping confident, impactful cosmopolitans of the future.

Customer Centric

At PIERS, we are obsessed with student-inetrest, unconditionally. We never drive our agenda.


At PIERS, we are one. We don't operate in silos but a collective community.

Change is the end result of
all true learning

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

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Admission in Medical 2019


UG/PG Admission in 2019

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