PIERS a brand which only focus nurturing the advanced future for our new generation by providing them latest tech knowledge ever being introduced in our city. As an constant Facilitator we have Joined Hands with AHARADA Education (Meerut). After gathering experience of 3 generations in Aviation AHARADA decided to form an institute to impart quality education to upcoming candidates who aim to become aviators or be a part of this fastest growing industry in any form. AHARADA EDUCATION is affiliated by Top UNIVERSITY for providing Degree Programs in BBA AVIATION & BSc Aeronautical .

Aviation is a line of work where in everyday new Aircrafts and Airlines are introduced to accommodate more and more air travelers and also to cope up with growing demand of time saving vehicles.

Noida campus is a beautifully designed helipad along with hanger with parking space of 12 helicopters also it comprises of 13 classrooms designed on the first story and are named after important concepts related to aviation. These rooms are equipped with all necessary tools and machineries required for imparting advanced knowledge in the field of education apart from this it has a grooming room designed specially for students of fashion, cabin crew training and makeup artists.

Courses Offered By AHARADA Education

BBA in Aviation & Travel

BBA in aviation is a 3- year undergraduate course designed to train enrolled students to assume managerial and administrative roles in the Airport/Aviation sector. With the recent expansion of the airlines industry, both domestically and internationally, the number of personnel needed for its smooth operation has increased too, for addressing such areas as airport safety and security, technicalities, finances, etc.


Students from any stream, who have passed 12th standard board examinations are eligible to pursue this course. Minimum marks criteria exists, but it varies from one Institute to another. Usually, it is around 50% marks.

BSC in Aeronautical

B.Sc. Aeronautical course is related to the field of Aeronautical Science. In simple terms, Aeronautical science deals with the study, design and operation of flight capable machine (aircraft, helicopters, gliders etc). Many flying schools in India are offering B.Sc. Aeronautical Science Degree and flying training in a single amalgamated program. Under this, commercial pilot aspirants are given flying training on one hand and are taught B.Sc.


After completing the course, graduates may get hired at major International or Domestic Airports. Average starting salary is usually between 3-6 Lakh Rupees per year. This course caters to those students who are seeking careers in management and operation in the airside activities of the aviation industry. BBA Aviation degree holders work as Credit Control Manager, Airport Manager, Test Manager, Program Manager, Assistant Airport Manager, and Airport Operations Manager. The BBA in Aviation Management programme is accredited by the RECOGNIZED UNIVERSITY.

Diploma In Airport Management

The Diploma in Airport management course is designed for the candidates having keen interest in knowing about the management and operations that go about in the Aviation industry. The diploma course is designed in a way by which the candidates will be equipped with.

Diploma In Cabin Crew & Hospitality

The cabin crew of an airline shares responsibility for the safety and comfort of its passengers. Checking the condition and provision of emergency equipment and information for passengers demonstrating emergency equipment and safety procedures administering first aid dealing with emergencies supplying passengers with newspapers.

Diploma In Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is one of the most popular fields amongst students who are on the lookout for creative courses. If you wish to follow your creative side and pursue it as your career it is also essential to understand that curriculum and course structure.

Diploma In Fine Arts

Fine arts is a wider domain which includes both visual and performing arts. Art has been an inevitable part of Indian culture right from the very beginning. The diploma course in fine arts is aimed at teaching the basic nuisances of fine arts to the students that are related to both visual and performing arts. Students are taught about the origin, development and practical aspects of various visual forms of arts like painting, architecture, miniatures, motifs etc.